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“Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.” – Kenneth Hilderbrand

Life ain’t easy.

Life’s unfair.

It doesn’t matter whether we are a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, an adult or a teenager. The most important thing is how each and every one of us facing our life and come with solutions in each and every problems that shows up in our life.

Life is something awesome that God has given us to experience and to enjoy. Now, it depends on our own perspective. How we would like to build up with it and solve problems that coming to our life.

Chitato said “Life is never flat!” Behind that quote, I do believe Chitato has a hidden message which is to tell everyone that we need to enjoy our life, but in the positive way of course.. Enjoy our life with sharing love, peace, kindness, trust, and other stuff. so, enjoy your life and make it memorable and precious…




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sometimes it’s hard to say good bye. However, good bye does exist. Good bye can exist because of leaving to other places, divorce, break up  relationship or the worst is death.

For me, for those who are leaving to other places, don’t say good bye to your friends.. Just say see you later.. coz see you later doesn’t mean good bye.. perhaps it’s just a long see you later..

Have a blessing day!

salt and light

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Without salt, our food won’t taste nice..

Without light, we won’t be able to see in the darkness..

Christians are required to be salt and light.. It’s a wonderful thing since being salt and light is not easy yet have a great and tremendous impact on others.

So, be salt and light! May blessings come upon you and others..



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well, the word friendship doesn’t clearly stated between two people yet it started with at least 2 people and it might grow more and more. Michael W. Smith in his song writes “And friends are friends forever.. If the Lord’s the Lord of them.. And a friend will not say never.. ‘Cause the welcome will not end” I believe that friendship is precious, valuable and wonderful. Nobody can survive in this world without a friend.


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Love is a need and a want for every people. Nobody can live without love and nobody can survive without love. However, several people might fall because of love. Let’s make our world more awesome by sharing your love to everyone. Love is a yes! Love is a wonderful thing and love is one of the path or direction into a better life.

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