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valuable moment

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for me, the most valuable moments are when I spent my time with my friends and family. both of them are very wonderful yet remarkable.. it’s not a matter of having fun but it’s more likely to show our care and love with them. I do believe that without friends or family could be more painful than having nothing. don’t like what i think? are you disagree with it? feel free to drop any comments..



something new

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well, this is my first time writing a blog. I’m sure that my english is not perfect. I’m an international student that just arrived in United State for around one and a half month. However, I love to spent my leisure time in writing something. I hope this blog might be useful.

Speaking of something new, I think right now I’m experiencing something new. A new life, a new environment, a new school and new friends. I’m currently studying at a wonderful place and I’m a full time student at that college..

Alright then.. See you in the other posts. Feel free to drop any comments

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